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I. Position
Fulltime English Teacher

II. Job Description
• Carefully prepare lessons for the assigned level before class (lesson plans are provided);
• Effectively deliver the lessons, engage and instruct students during class;
• Assess students’ performance and keep track in our Centres Management System;
• Perform demo classes, administrative activities related to teaching;
• Collaborate with parents on students’ progress;
• Participate in material development and other tasks.

III. Requirement
• Passion & patience for teaching kids aged 6-15;
• Belief in growth mindset, grit & character building for students’ success;
• A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university;
• Office IT skills;
• Exceptional communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills and self-learning
• A qualification in English Language Teaching (TEFL/TESOL) or an English Test
Certificate (IELTS/TOEFL) or teaching experience (at least 1 year).
IV. Benefit
• Competitive salary and bonus;
• Dynamic and collaborative working environment;
• Professional development and training; Career advancement opportunities in teaching and
management pathways.

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